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Sue Malley


Sue is a Certified Reflexologist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, Certified in Bowen Technique. Sue has been doing this work for 15 years and is a perpetual student of Energy Medicine. She is pleased to offer the following treatments & services:

Bowen Technique, SP1, Mind Body Bowen, Realm Energy Healing System, Reflexology, IonCleanse, Holistic Nutrition, Relaxation Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Relaxation Treatment, Manicures & Spa Pedicures, “Livia” Organic Facials, Usui/Kundalini Reiki, Huna Healing, IET-Integrated Energy Therapy, Axiatonal Alignment, Therapy, Healing Session, Kundalini Yoga classes

Krysta Newell

Certified Reflexologist

Krysta is a certified Reflexologist and Practitioner of Holistic Therapies and Aesthetics. She has thoroughly enjoyed her work as a practitioner for the last 6 years, and looks forward to continuing in this field for years to come. Treatments offered by Krysta include:

Reflexology, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Reiki, Body Exfoliation, Facials, Spa Manicures and Spa Pedicures, Facial Waxing, Eyelash Tinting, IonCleanse

Heather Nelligan

Energy Worker

Heather is passionate about holding a safe, inclusive space where her clients can find balance, release stagnant energy or suppressed trauma, reduce their anxiety and change negative thought patterns so they may achieve a greater sense purpose, well-being and overall happiness. She is a certified Reiki Master and Advanced level IET® practitioner who is currently studying Reiki for Animals, Huna and EFT techniques. She considers herself a “forever student of the universe” and continues to incorporate new ways to calm and balance the bodies energy with the intention of achieving higher levels of healing into her practice.

Heather is honoured to have recently been gifted the spirit name, Rooted Earth Medicine Woman by her mentor and friend, Indigenous Medicine Woman, Asha Frost.   

When she is not busy spreading positive vibes at Everwood, Heather will likely be found anywhere in nature, tending to her medicine gardens, crafting and spending time with her incredible family.  

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Margarett Sample

Spiritual Counsellor, Reiki Master

Margarett Sample is an Intuitive, Channel, Spiritual Counsellor, Reiki Master (in both the Usui and Tibetan traditions) and Rainbow Energy Therapist. She has been doing readings for Everwood clients for over ten years. A reading with Margarett will bring Spirited Insight from her guides, your Guides, Angels, and your loved ones who have crossed over. Readings help clients to connect, heal, achieve closure and a sense of peace, and help in growth and moving forward. Margarett provides connection with your loved ones, and offers spiritual guidance with compassion, gentle humour, and understanding. She helps you to understand yourself, your gifts and challenges, to face your truths, to de-stress and to heal. Margarett also offers Reiki workshops and attunements to small groups at Everwood, and often offers Spirited Discussion Group nights here.

Nancy D'Amato

Certified Reflexologist

Nancy became a certified reflexologist in 2002 by the Ontario College of Reflexology. Her passion for Reflexology led her to treat clients of all ages and genders for specific ailments such as pain management, head aches, cancer care treatments, hormonal imbalances, insomnia and general relaxation just to name a few. Nancy believes that most illnesses are caused by stress and by removing stressors the body can begin to heal it self.

Nancy is also a practioner of Indian Head Massage, is a certified Reiki 2 practitioner, therapeutic touch, studied eft, practices Donna Eden Black Pearl technique, has completed a segment of the vibrational healing technique ; Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment and became a certified 5 Tibetan Yoga facilitator under Deyki Lee Oldershaw. Nancy has the ability to utilize what she has learned combined with her strong intuitive ability and compassion to create a unique, personalized healing experience.

Nancy has also included aesthetics in her list of services. These include:

Spa manicure & pedicure
Organic spa facials & Body
Face waxing

Filomena Porter


I began developing and expanding my general interest in wellness based practices approximately nine years ago when I became an RMT. I have expanded my scope of practice over that period of time and have acquired skills in such diverse areas such as Sports Injury, Fascial techniques, Contemporary/Medical Acupuncture for musculoskeletal issues and pre & post natal massage. 

As a core practice, with a greater appreciation of the mind-body-spirit connection, I have begun to include what I have learned through my education at OCTCM. This includes incorporating a variety of TCM modalities to treat systemic and local maladies. The TCM modalities include cupping, acupuncture, Moxibustion or heat therapy, Guasha and Tuina. I also include allied practices such as yin yoga and Pilates as part of a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses the intertwining of all of the specific techniques and practices referenced above with the goal of enhancing a philosophy and practice of client-centred wellness.

Katarina Centrone

Rehabilitative Manual Therapist

Katarina is proud to be joining Everwood Wellness as a Third Year Student of Rehabilitative Manual Therapy. Her journey began as an Emergency Medical Responder graduating with honours in her Firefighting Degree from Northern College in Timmins, Ontario. This began her 15-year career in emergency response that ranges from firefighting to emergency communications, to hazardous materials and ends with a 3-year love affair with speciality coffees. Katarina herself vouches for this manual approach to physical treatment, having herself struggled to find solutions to her health problems through traditional allopathic medicine. Since first learning of the gentle, focused healing that can be accomplished with noninvasive, hands-on therapy, she has thrown herself wholeheartedly into her work and is just as excited about your health as you are.
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Welcome to Everwood!

At Everwood we create a complete experience when you walk through the door. Our peaceful atmosphere will put all your worries and stress to rest during your time with us.

We use all natural products and believe in healing from the inside out. Our treatments provide you with what you need at that time to feel better, and you leave us in a state of positive serenity. We welcome women, men and children to our centre.

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